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Knowing that your loved one is happy, safe, and well-cared for is your priority—and ours as well. We strive to provide you the peace of mind you require while deciding to fulfil your loved one's choice to stay in their home. Our comprehensive selection of services guarantees that your loved one receives the care they need and require.

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Thank you for coming to our website. Southood Healthcare is the leading supplier of home care services. We provide personalised home care services ranging from companion care for individuals aged 18+ who require daily help to in-depth specialised care for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and other chronic conditions. Please visit our website for additional details. If you have any questions, please schedule a free 20-minute consultation with our Registered Manager.

Why we feel you should choose us

1. Encourages cross-cultural social integration

We care for and recruit anyone despite race, gender, and religion. We respect differences in cultures and traditions.

2. Client-centred approach

Our care plans are centred on your or your loved ones' care needs. Personalised care tailored for you.

3. Staff Members Who Are Skilled and Caring

All members of our team have experience and are trained for the job. They continuously go for training to ensure that they are up to date with delivering quality care.

4. Fair advice and support

From our initial contact, we do our best to assess your situation and figure out how best we can be of assistance. We take into consideration how you want to be taken care of and give you the advice and support you require.

5. Always open to receiving feedback

We regularly do reviews to get feedback from you. This feedback will be used to improve on how we care for and support you.

Covid-19 Awareness

Nothing is more important to us than assisting you or a loved one in living securely, healthily, and independently in their own homes. Our services are especially important during COVID-19 in keeping you safe at home and reducing your exposure through individualised care and support.

About Us

Southood Healthcare takes home care extremely seriously and strives to give the best customer service possible. We have a fantastic team of carers who are all dedicated to being at the forefront of the home care market via our exclusive continuing training and education.

Work With Us

When you take a position as a carer with Southood Healthcare, you are joining a rapidly growing family that genuinely cares about you and your professional development. Every day brings a fresh chance for learning, growth, and the experience of exciting, meaningful interactions with our greatest generation.