Southood Healthcare Ltd

About Us

Southood Healthcare takes home care extremely seriously and strives to give the best customer service possible. We have a fantastic team of carers who are all dedicated to being at the forefront of the home care market via our exclusive continuing training and education.

Abigail Moyo and Sanders Moyo created Southood Healthcare following direct experience caring for individuals in the healthcare field. Abigail and Sanders found a need in the market that other firms were unable to fill. They realised that most seniors would prefer to age at home rather than in an unfamiliar facility.

Unfortunately, most seniors’ alternatives were quite restricted. The majority of elders lacked access to well-trained, trustworthy and economical home care. This was the driving force behind the establishment of Southood Healthcare.

Southood Healthcare Limited

Our Mission

Southood Healthcare is dedicated to providing care services that are tailored to your specific needs. Thus, our goal is to solve service shortages and promote services in a culturally acceptable manner through our skilled employees.

Our Vision

Southood's vision is to build a strong and empowered community to support you or your loved one's living a life of choice and control.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Consistency
  • Respect
  • Autonomy
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Who We Are

    Meet Our Team

    More than 90% of seniors prefer to live with dignity, yet finding the right kind of care can be difficult. Southood Healthcare believes that receiving the greatest care for your loved ones should not be difficult. We are dedicated to providing the greatest home care in the neighbourhood.

    We take home care seriously and make it a goal to give the best possible client service. Through our exclusive continuous training and education programmes, we have assembled an excellent team of care professionals, each of whom is dedicated to keeping us at the forefront of the home care business.

    Our Management

    Members of our Board and Senior Management Team have extensive expertise in social, health, and community care, as well as in central and local government, financial, and commercial organisations.

    Many began in frontline care jobs, which we feel is evident in our enthusiasm for our profession and the care Southood Healthcare provides.

    Our unique combination of professional talents and experience motivates us to constantly assess, discuss, and improve the quality and breadth of the services we offer.

    Sanders Moyo
    Director/Operations Manager
    Abigail Moyo
    Director/Registered Manager

    Our Carers

    Because we at Southood Healthcare are aware of the significant impact that a competent and caring carer can have on the health of our patients, we are extremely selective in the individuals that we choose to bring on board as caregivers.

    Individuals that are dedicated, hard-working, and goal-oriented are sought after for employment here because we strive to enhance the standard of living of the people whose needs we meet. Our admiration for our team members is evident in the high salary levels as well as the extensive training opportunities that we provide.