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Companionship Care

Dedicated support from a reliable companion. We provide companionship services to meet your every need, from day-to-day support at home or out and about to having a useful confidant on business trips or travel.

Companionship Care

Care and support aren’t always about a complex medical requirement or important personal care activities. What matters most is that you live the life you desire, do the things you enjoy, and feel as human as possible.

We may support with hobbies and interests, attending events and exhibitions, providing concierge services and running errands, or simply stopping in for a cup of tea and a nice talk.

Southood Healthcare provides the assurance of a fully regulated service that includes stringent checks, extensive training, and continuous support for the carers and personal assistants that join our team. If you want to learn more, please contact us right away.

What exactly do companionship services entail?

You may live a full and independent life with quality companionship services suited to your specific interests and circumstances. This companion care package might include nearly anything that is not medical or personal care. Your personalised companionship support package will be tailored to your specific needs and may include:

The death of a loved one, limited mobility, or family members who reside elsewhere.These are obstacles that can be tough to overcome. A pleasant and known face, on the other hand, may accompany you out and about, support you around the house, or simply sit and have a natter, a cup of tea, and a cookie a couple of times a week to remove a weight from your shoulders.

Things you used to take for granted can be difficult to accomplish at times, but with our helpful personal assistants on hand to support you with shopping, dropping things off at the post office, or picking up your pension, you can relax knowing that your jobs will be completed when you need them to be.

There are many activities we like doing that help us feel human and enjoy our lives, and we know that an injury or sickness should not prevent us from doing these things. Your carer or personal assistant can support you with physical activities such as swimming or going for a stroll. He or she can accompany you and give support whether you attend social groups, classes, or a day centre. They can even help you get the most out of your vacation, whether in the UK or overseas.

Getting from point A to point B isn’t always straightforward. That is why our carers may either drive you or accompany you on public transportation to your destination, whether it is an appointment, a day out, or a social engagement.

Our carers can help you with housework, meal preparation, and entertaining visitors. We understand that individuals feel most at ease at home, so our carers can offer the support you require while also providing a pleasant face and someone to talk to.

At Southood Healthcare, we actively recruit, employ, and train all of our carers. We provide carer continuity throughout our care services, so you may get to know and like your companion.

Accepting a new person into your house might be a terrifying concept, but having a daily companion to assist with hobbies, activities, and errands means you can create a terrific bond that we know many of our customers would miss.

All of our caregivers and companions who come to your home are carefully screened and tested to make sure they are the best and will help you in any way they can so you can live the life you want.