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Private Live-in Care

24/7 live-in care gives you the peace, dignity, and independence you deserve. Live-in care provides continual, round-the-clock care from a committed carer who lives with you in your home and is there to provide support at any time.

What exactly is live-in care?

We recognise that being supported by or caring for a loved one with care requirements can be stressful at times. As a result, our live-in care is tailored to your specific requirements, habits, and preferences.

With Southood Healthcare’s live-in care, you and your loved ones can focus on what matters most: spending quality time together.

Caregiving Nurse putting a bandage on a senior mans arm in his home.


Why is live-in care necessary?

Live-in care gives you the best of both worlds: you get to stay in your favourite home while receiving expert care of the highest quality. Having a carer live in your house with you around the clock means you’ll never be lonely—you’ll always have someone to chat with if you want to, or to sit quietly with if you don’t.

Your live-in carer will not only provide personal care, companionship, and medication support; they will also be able to conduct housework such as laundry, cleaning, meal preparation, ordering medications and groceries, and even light gardening when the weather permits.

They can also acquire products for you from the pharmacy or store, accompany you to community events and appointments, and ensure that you live your life as freely and enjoyably as possible. And we don't only care for those who live alone; if your spouse or someone you live with requires assistance as well,

our carers are skilled at assisting couples, so you don't have to be separated when one of you requires full-time care. If you'd like to learn more about how a live-in carer may transform your life, please contact us via our website or phone our pleasant customer care representatives seven days a week, and we'll be pleased to call you back.

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Why choose live in care?

We understand how you feel.

We've been through every emotion that comes with needing care, so we'll give you as much help or support as you need.

Your care is centred on you.

We'll spend time getting to know you, your habits, and your preferences so that you get the best support possible.

You are family to us.

As a firm founded on family principles, we treat each and every one of our clients as if they were a part of our own.

Live-in care can support you with the following:

  • Compassionate care for the terminally ill
  • Rehabilitation support
  • Nurse-assisted care
  • Alzheimer’s disease care
  • Parkinson’s support

We will make every effort to match you with a carer who is suitable for you and completely understands your needs.

We only employ the most devoted carers.

Our live-in care manager trains and supervises the people we hire to make sure that our high standards for care are always met.

What are the benefits of live in care?

Bathing, toileting, changing clothing, and self-care are all done with decency and caution.

We provide a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on; you have a friend in us.

Laundry, dusting, and vacuuming are all part of keeping your house clean and cosy.

We recognise that your life goes outside your house; therefore, we will support you there as well.

This includes meal planning and preparation to ensure your nutritional demands are satisfied.

Nurse-assisted care for more complex care requirements, such as catheter and stoma management

What distinguishes us?

We'll take care of your carer.

Unlike an agency, we have full control over our service. We hire all live-in carers directly, and each one is well-trained and excited about taking care of you.

We'll always be nearby.

Your professional live-in care manager will communicate with you and your family on a frequent basis to ensure that everything works properly.

High-quality care is guaranteed.

We do not use agency workers because we want to ensure that all of our carers are properly trained before providing care.


Couples' live-in care

There are several reasons why couples choose live-in care, but probably the most significant is that it allows you and your spouse to be together. Whether you’ve lived in your house for six months or 50 years, it’s still the location where you feel most at ease and secure. That is why we provide individualised live-in care packages to couples who want more support but do not want to give up their home.

You may be getting older and finding it difficult to walk around your house, or you may be providing care for your spouse and would like some extra support so that you can enjoy your time together as a pair.

The benefit of live-in care for couples is that it is completely tailored to you and your spouse. It considers all of your requirements, allowing you to spend more quality time together and live your life the way you want.

We realise that allowing someone new to live in your home might be intimidating, especially if the two of you have been together for a long time. That's why our caring and experienced teams will collaborate with you to determine the precise degree of support you require, ensuring that your care is both effective and unobtrusive.

We'll work together to find a private caregiver that meets your physical, mental, and emotional requirements. So, if you're both in your later years and like spending time in the garden but have lately neglected your plants, we'll locate a carer with expertise in elderly care and who is as green-fingered as you, so you can both enjoy your garden again.


Young adult live-in care

Live-in care is round-the-clock support from a carer who will assist you with everything you want assistance with in order to live the life you desire. And, because we tailor a care package to your specific needs and preferences, you have control over when, where, and how you get care, including selecting the best live-in carer for you.

Live-in care, as the name implies, refers to regular, one-on-one support from a caregiver who lives with you, as opposed to someone who visits you on an hourly basis.

Not only will they understand everything about your care needs and how you want things to be done, but they will also be of a similar age to you, making them more like a friend than a carer. And it’s totally OK to refer to your carer as a support worker, personal assistant, or PA instead.

The term "young adults" or "young people" refers to anybody between the ages of 18 and 65, and we keep this in mind while designing your care package. We believe in fostering freedom and enabling, rather than taking over and doing everything for you.

So, whether you enjoy cooking and being creative with your recipes but find it difficult to go shopping for ingredients, or if you want mobility support but prefer to take care of your own personal care, we'll follow your lead and adapt to your needs.